Personalized Instruments

Master Violinmaker
Bertrand-Yves Delisle

Building instruments to order I place particular attention on the musician’s specific requirements and demands.

From the sound required I can first of all identify the most suitable model, the dominant characteristics of which are known from experience. Playing then on the type and thicknesses of the components and intervening intelligently on the assembly, the required results can be achieved.

The instrument’s measurements represent a second critical factor to be carefully considered in the design of a new instrument. Not everyone has the hands of Paganini, but the musical instrument must in any case be a comfortable and pleasant work companion. Even in the case of building traditional models, the violinmaker’s skill lies in his capacity to correctly alter measurements while respecting the proportions essential to the good working of the instrument.

Baroque instruments:
increasingly required by artists who choose to perform in orchestras with a Baroque repertoire and who wish to opt for an instrument faithful to the construction criteria typical of the 1600’s. I build to order faithful reproductions of original models or polyvalent instruments, provided with two different interchangeable mountings so as to adapt to the demands of the moment