Master Violinmaker
Bertrand-Yves Delisle

Thank you for visiting and allow me to briefly introduce myself. My name is Bertrand Yves Delisle and still I was born in Rambouillet, in 1964,  I grew up in Clermont de l’Oise, a small town in northern France. I keep a good remember from Clermont, especially for its music school were I started practicing saxophone in the classical and Jazz ensembles.

After high school, bowled over by an increasing passion for the world of music, I decided to move to Italy so as to attend a violinmaking school.

So it was that I came to Cremona and enrolled at the I.P.I.A.L.L. violinmaking school where, thanks to the precious guidance of Master Violinmaker Giorgio Cé, I obtained my violinmaking diploma.

In 1991, after a few years of training on my own, I was taken on by the well-know workshop of Carlson - Cacciatori - Neumann in Cremona where I completed my training in building and restoring string instruments.

In the course of my specialization, I obtained two international awards; 1996 Manchester Cello Festival special prize and 1997 Mittenwald Violinmaking Competition Special award for the high quality of craftsmanship on anaother cello.

Since fall 1999, I work in my own workshop in the Cremona countryside sharing my instrumental experience with amateurs and professional players.

In 2002, I become a member of the Officina Musicale association. Our mission is the promotion of violinmaking through musical events, exhibitions or conferences. Every year, during the Cremona October events, my instruments are played during the famous Officina Musicale’s concert by prestigious artists such as Domenico Nordio, Ivan Rabaglia, Mauro Lo Guercio, Roberto Righetti, Tomasz Porwol, Mattia Sanguineti , Noemi Schindler, Emy Flammer, Romain Senac (violino), Danilo Rossi, Massimo Paris, Francesco Lattuada, Claudia Brancaccio, Grath Knoks, Pierre Henry Xuereb, Laurent Bruni (viola), Enrico Bronzi, Pier Paolo Toso, Mario Brunello, John Walz, Klaus  Broz, Cécile Girard, François Poly (violoncello).

As a violinmaker, I wish to thank these musicians and also pay homage to the composers; Gian Carlo Fachinetti, Claudio Mandonico, Luca Tessadrelli, Carlo Citerio, Giuseppe di Bianco,  Joe Schittino, Giovanni Sollima (Italia), Masaru Kawasaki (Japan), Jean Sébastien Dewiller,       Bernard Cavanna   (France)

thanks to whom the concerts became

possible offering Masterpieces

to contemporary



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