Master Violinmaker
Bertrand-Yves Delisle

My main activity is naturally the building of string instruments, which are scrupulously constructed following the traditional rules of the Cremonese Violinmaking School which evolved between 1500 and 1800.

be built the one that may best meet the musician’s specific requirements or the craftsman’s creative inspiration.

Consequently, the most suitable materials are chosen, searching among the Cremonese School’s typical essences (a very narrow choice, moreover) the ones considered most appropriate for the project in hand.

The next step is for the instrument’s basic measurements to be put onto paper, always bearing in mind the need to respect the typical harmonies of each model and the customer’s requirements.

From the paper to the finished instrument the road is still long and the secret of this ancient craft, even now conducted as it was centuries and centuries ago, lies in gently shaping the material.

The delicate art of restoration is also part of this craft, where the violinmaker’s skill must emerge to guarantee the total respect of the instrument’s originality.

In my workshop I carry out with skill not only common maintenance work but also complex interventions on even serious structural damage, always ensuring respect of the basic ethic of restoration: to take the instrument back to its original state.

The building of a quality instrument is a long and delicate process.

The starting point must absolutely be the study of the result to be achieved,  searching among the models that can