Viola “Broz”, Cremona 2008

Maître Luthier
Bertrand-Yves Delisle

This Viola 41cm was made for Giada Broz in January 2008 upon the shape of the famous Amati brothers viola “Stauffer” made by Gerolamo Amati in 1615 even if its labels still bears as usual  the  name of the two cremonese brothers Antonio (1538- 1607) and Gerolamo (1561-1630). The sound of this particular pattern distinguishes itself by its response ease and a good tone balance over the four strings.

The back is made in a single slab-sawn piece of local wild maple, its texture is particularity dense with satined  flames which come alive under the varnish of a golden orange-brownish thin coat.

The same wood is used to make the ribs and the scroll. The top is made in spruce with a plain annual ring pattern, a light node appears on the hedge of the left bottom corner. The ff holes have been cut  with a  longer shape respected to the original one to increase the geometrical proportion with the body length and also to enhance the sound projection maintaining a natural tone color. The dimension of the neck (146mm) and the stop (223mm) for a string-length of 372mm give more ease to play the viola even on the more difficult pieces.


J.S. Bach

Suite n.1 in Sol magg. BWV1009

L.V. Beethoven

Serenata per Archi Op.8

Allegro alla Polacca