Violino 1988

Maestro Liutaio
Bertrand-Yves Delisle

Violin 4/4 size made upon a A.Stradivari, Oppenheim mould, in Cremona 1988.

This violin has participated to the 1988 Triennal Competition in Cremona reaching a honorable position. This instrument has been stolen to me as I was traveling in France few months later. A musician purchased it in a smal french market place in 1995 and kept it until his death. After his loss, I was contacted by the musician’s son for an appraisal on this violin and I immediately recognized it from the pictures he sent to me, thus I purchased the violin back. The instrument was in a mint condition and just needed a new setup, it is really amazing to hear its voice back in Cremona after 25 years.

The retrieved violin